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UNDP in partnership with various organizations has engaged in research on the socio-economic impact of pre-trial detention in West Africa.

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The study “An Analysis of Minimum Standards in Pre-trial Detention and the Grounds for Regular Review in the Member States of the EU” was conducted by the Tilburg University and the University of Greifswald (Germany) and funded by the European Commission.

The European Commission published a Green Paper on detention across the European Union.

The European Commission published a Green Paper on detention across the European Union. 

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EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding presented a Green Paper asking 10 questions on how to strengthen mutual trust in the field of detention.

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The excessive and arbitrary use of pretrial detention critically undermines socioeconomic development - and is especially harmful to the poor.

Torture and other ill-treatment are not aberrations; they are common—even routine—in many detention facilities around the world.

Around the world millions of people are locked up in pretrial detention because of corruption. Despite the prohibition of corruption under international law - as enshrined in the UN Convention against Corruption and other treaties and laws - criminal justice systems are often warped by bribery and other forms of corruption.

Pretrial holding facilities in countries with developing and transitional economies often force detainees to live in filthy, over-crowded conditions, where they lack adequate health services. In the worst cases, detainees die; some centers are so bad that innocent people plead guilty just to be transferred to prisons where the conditions might be better.