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Organized by Open Society Justice Initiative in cooperation with Public Defense Service, Legal Services Commissions of England and Wales.

Workshop goals:

This paper has been produced by Lee Bridges, Ed Cape, Richard Moorhead and Avrom Sherr, a team of independent researchers commissioned by the Legal Services Commission (LSC) to monitor and evaluate the Public Defender Service (PDS) in England and Wales.

The Office E-Manual serves as an electronic handbook and instruction manual for the systems, processes and procedures in place within the offices.

This Model Contract for Public Defense Services is a joint project of the National Legal Aid and Defender Association and the Criminal Courts Technical Assistance Project.

The paper „Common (Dollars and) Sense: Seventeen Strategies for Good Relations With Indigent Defense Funders” was written by John Stuart, Minnesota State Public Defender.

The paper „Alternative strategies for public defenders and assigned counsel”, by Mark H. Moore presents new strategic ideas for public defenders.

The report „Evaluation of the public defender service in England and Wales”, by Lee Bridges, Ed Cape, Paul Fenn, Anona Mitchell, Richard Moorhead and Avrom Sherr presents the findings of the independent evaluation of the Public Defender Service in England and Wales.