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Criminal Legal Aid Resources

Criminal Legal Aid Resources

This section includes papers, reports, studies, management and delivery tools related to criminal legal aid

Barristers have blamed the problem on changes which have seen the centralisation of the service.
The costs and benefits of criminal justice policies and activities affect everyone.
One of the most contentious proposals in the Green Paper on the transforming legal aid is the removal of client choice in criminal cases.
Our criminal justice system is admired throughout the world – how many things can we now say that about?
The MoJ's public consultations on legal aid reforms show they are open-minded, but if the aim remains to reduce spending, what about the cost to justice?
Evidence, the single most important element of a court case, is choking the life out of Canada’s judicial system; or, more specifically, the analysis, management, disclosure and argument over evidence are the guilty parties at the end of this whodunit.
IN THE PAST 20 years, funding for legal aid has been cut to such an extent that most people cannot obtain funding for their legal issues.
The Law Society has called for a complete rethink of the government’s ‘economically unworkable’ and ‘potentially unlawful’ criminal legal aid proposals.
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Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman on Wednesday announced $24 million in grants aimed at boosting representation for indigent criminal defendants across upstate New York.