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1) The official English “Duty Solicitor Manual” is an 82 page document, issued in May 2006 by the Legal Services Commission. It provides policy on every aspect of the operation of the Duty Solicitor Scheme, with Chapter 3 dealing specifically with the operations of the Police Station Scheme and Chapter 4 dealing with issues of lawyer accreditation to the scheme. This Manual contains a large number of appendices of template forms, letters and posters, which are contained in separate PDFs due to file size.

2) The “Guide to Becoming an Accredited Police Station Advisor” was issued by the Legal Services Commission in July 2008 following amendments to the Police Station Register Arrangements 2001. It provides guidance on all aspects of the process of solicitors applying and becoming Accredited Police Station Advisers.

3) In July 2008, the Criminal Defence Service issued a “Guide to Supervising Solicitors re Police Station Accreditation Scheme” to assist supervising solicitors in undertaking their responsibilities in supervising and offering guidance to a representative, acting as a mentor, and monitoring that representative’s progress.

4) The template “Police Station Attendance Form” form is used by the Criminal Defense Service and Public Defender Service when solicitors see detainees at police stations in England.

5) The “Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme” sets out the standards of competence for the accreditation of solicitors and representatives advising at the police station.  It lists the performance criteria that solicitors have to be assessed on and meet in order to be accredited to give advice at the police station.
6) The “Police Station Representatives Accreditation Scheme Guidance” gives an overview of the assessments, oversight and monitoring of Police Station Representatives in England.
7) The “Code of Conduct for employees of the Legal Services Commission” applies to all legal representatives who provide services as part of the Criminal Defence Service in England. It covers all of the duties of the legal representative, such as the duty to protect the interests of the client and the duty of confidentiality, as well as other rules as to conduct.

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