New Selection Process for Local Judges to Reduce Corruption in Kyrgyz Judiciary


Source: USAID Kyrgyz Republic

Over 860 legal professionals took exams at the Judicial Training Center in Bishkek as part of a new process to become judges in the Kyrgyz Republic. The testing process, which ran from October 15 to November 6, uses objective test scores from a transparent, computerized test with anti-corruption safeguards in place. This new tool allows the Judicial Selection Council to verify that applicants have the skills and legal knowledge necessary to serve as judges.

Over half of those registered (455) passed the exam and are now eligible for consideration by the Judicial Selection Council to fill 401 local court judgeships in the country. The U.S. Government, through USAID’s International Development Law Organization (IDLO) Kyrgyz Republic Judicial Strengthening Program, provided technical assistance to local specialists and computer professionals who prepared the test and developed the software and safeguards.

“The use of computer systems to administer the selection test for judge applicants in the Kyrgyz Republic is leveling the playing field and allowing for an objective selection where bribes or influence no longer play a role,” said Ruslan Myrzalymov, the Head of the Qualifications Commission that administered the test at the request of the Council of Judges of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Local experts created a database of 1000 multiple choice test questions, reviewed and approved by the Council of Judges. The developed software generates a unique set of 100 test questions for each participant. The software grades the exam immediately upon completion. The grade is matched against the list of those passing the test, as part of a control to make sure that only those who have demonstrated legal knowledge will be eligible to participate in the reform and development of the judiciary.

The process for selection and nomination of local court judges will commence in December 2012 after 35 Supreme Court justices and eleven members of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court have been nominated and elected.

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