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The Standards for Providers of Civil Legal Services to the Poor (2002 Edition) were released by the American Bar Association (ABA) Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants.

The paper „South African Models of Legal Aid Delivery in Non-Criminal Cases” by David McQuoid Mason addresses how legal aid is provided in civil cases in South Africa and to what extent the current approaches are effective.

This independent research report was written by Richard Moorhead and Richard Harding of Cardiff Law School and Avrom Sherr of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

Countries around the world are recognizing the need to ensure that their justice systems treat all members of society fairly and that some level of access to legal advice and representation is necessary in order achieve “equal justice for all”. 

The paper "The Right to Legal Assistance in Civil and Criminal Cases in International Human Rights Law"  by Richard J. Wilson will review in some depth the development in international human rights law of the right to legal assistance in both civil and criminal proceedings.