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Markaryan v. Russia (no. 12102/05)


Source: hudoc

The applicant, Vladimir Markaryan, is a Russian national who was born in 1976 and lived, prior to his arrest, in Shakhty, Rostov Region (Russia). He was convicted of a number of offences, including murder and the organisation of a criminal gang, and sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment in a judgment which became final in September 2004. Relying on Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment), he complained that he had been ill-treated in police custody in May 2003 – alleging in particular that he had been brutally and repeatedly beaten by several police officers in order to make him confess to the murder – and that there had been no effective investigation into his complaints.

Two violations of Article 3 (ill-treatment + investigation)

Just satisfaction: EUR 10,000 (non-pecuniary damage)

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