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Civil Legal Aid Resources

Civil Legal Aid Resources

This section includes  papers, reports, studies, management and delivery tools related to civil legal aid.

The report „A seamless approach to service delivery in legal aid: fulfilling a promise or maintaining a myth?” by Diane Martin reconsiders legal aid services in light of the promises of poverty eradication that informed the original clinic movement and raises questions about the efficacy of existing legal aid services.
This paper written by Peter J.M. van den Biggelaar looks at the steps which led to the development of Legal Services Counters in the Netherlands,
Written in 2002 by Roger Smith, this paper reviews the various considerations in ways of organising publicly funded legal services, making reference to the experience of various jurisdictions.
The paper „Legal Workers and paralegals - new avenues for services? Access to Justice and the introduction of the NFP Sector” was written by Pete Sanderson and Hilary Sommerlad and presented at the International Legal Aid Group (ILAG) conference that took place on 6-8 June 2007, Antwerpen.
The manual „Innovative Fundraising Ideas for Legal Services”, (2004 Edition) was prepared by Meredith McBurney for the ABA.
This independent research report was written by Richard Moorhead and Richard Harding of Cardiff Law School and Avrom Sherr of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.
The paper was prepared by Mies Westerveld and Tewelde Bahta for the International Legal Aid Group  (ILAG) conference that took place on April 1-3, 2009 in Wellington, New Zealand.
Countries around the world are recognizing the need to ensure that their justice systems treat all members of society fairly and that some level of access to legal advice and representation is necessary in order achieve “equal justice for all”.