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Overview of National Legal Aid Systems

Overview of National Legal Aid Systems

This section includes laws and secondary legislation on legal aid, organized by country.

Jerry Drayton’s office contrasts sharply with the rest of the Youth Development and Justice Center here in Clayton County, Ga.

LAWYERS have been advised to drop clients who do not pay contributions to criminal costs in advance when controversial legal aid changes come into effect next year.

Joint committee on human rights warns that Ministry of Justice should not fall into trap of 'knowing the price of everything but value of nothing'.

Minister for Law K Shanmugam announced on Friday that his ministry has decided to give direct assistance and support to defendants in criminal cases through criminal legal aid.

Move would make courts more accessible to those who can’t afford lawyers.

Numerous models for legal aid exist around the world. This section will profile the systems in place in the Netherlands, the United States and Singapore.

Defendants could be forced to choose between a solicitor and barrister for criminal matters under tightened controls on grants by the ACT Legal Aid Commission.