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International Standards

International Standards

This section includes documents, papers, case-law – extracts, summaries or full cases – related to the right to legal aid.

The Johannesburg Declaration on the importance of advancing implementation of the UN Principals and Guidelines on Access to Legal Aid in Criminal Justice Systems (that were adopted at the UN General Assembly in 2012) was endorsed at the global conference on legal aid held in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 26, 2014. The Declaration also contains an action plan that should be supported and enforced by respective criminal justice actors.
The handbook is intended as a practical guide to developing and implementing policies and programmes to ensure early access to legal aid, including by implementing the international standards set by the United Nations Principles and Guidelines on Access to Legal Aid in Criminal Justice Systems.
Suspects or accused persons will be entitled to access to a lawyer before the start of any questioning by the police and throughout criminal proceedings wherever they are in the EU, under a deal struck by Parliament and Council negotiators on 28 May and endorsed by the Civil Liberties Committee on Wednesday.
The Open Society Justice Initiative has welcomed an agreement between the European Parliament and European Council on a new EU directive on the right of access to a lawyer in criminal proceedings.
The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Gabriela Knaul,
On 21st of march 2013, the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council gave a strong response to the increasing trend of curtailing - when not criminalizing - the activities of human rights defenders by limiting their right to access funding, especially when they come from foreign countries.