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Civil Legal Aid Resources

Civil Legal Aid Resources

This section includes  papers, reports, studies, management and delivery tools related to civil legal aid.

More than 180 000 poor South Africans have received telephonic legal advice on the Legal Aid Advice Line since it was launched two years ago, it was reported on Tuesday.
The Open Society Justice Initiative believes that litigation can be used to reinforce the fundamental human rights that underpin an open and just society.
A.S.,* a middle-aged housewife and mother of two in Montenegro, was divorced and on her own. For three years, she received no support from her ex-husband and lacked the means to raise her children.
RICHARD “BRICKS” MOKOLO has been a community activist since the 1980s. In those days he fought the apartheid government, demanding it recognise the human rights of all South Africans. But he says his fight is not over.
From the New Year state centres will be providing free legal aid. Defence lawyers are promised decent pay for representing the interests of low-income Ukrainians.
The Comprehensive Legal Needs Study is a project of the Consortium on Legal Services and the Public of the American Bar Association (ABA).
This report of the English and Welsh Civil and Social Justice Survey, by Pascoe Pleasence, Nigel Balmer, Tania Tam, describes the main findings from the 2006 interviews for the English and Welsh Civil and Social Justice Survey.
This paper written by Maurits Barendrecht and Peter Van den Biggelaar describes an interactive consultation process that was organized to develop proposals for increasing access to justice while limiting costs for governments as well as for users of the legal system.
The Standards for Providers of Civil Legal Services to the Poor (2002 Edition) were released by the American Bar Association (ABA) Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants.
The paper „South African Models of Legal Aid Delivery in Non-Criminal Cases” by David McQuoid Mason addresses how legal aid is provided in civil cases in South Africa and to what extent the current approaches are effective.