Public Defender Office, Chisinau, Moldova

The Public Defender Office is a specialized law office that provides legal aid to disadvantaged groups of society. The Public Defender Office is the first office testing a new model of delivery of legal aid in the Republic of Moldova, operating in the framework of the legal aid reform in Moldova. In that respect, the office was set to test the model of delivery of legal aid by staff attorneys and develop a series of indicators for criminal defence work in the country, such as the number of cases where such assistance is necessary, the caseload and the time that is required per different categories of cases and per jurisdiction, the appropriate level of remuneration for legal aid attorneys and other similar indicators. The experience of the pilot Public Defender Office led to the provision of a new model of legal aid delivery – public defenders – in the Law on State Guaranteed Legal Aid of the Republic of Moldova, adopted on 26 July 2007 and entered into force on 1 July 2008.

The Public Defender Office was created on 14 March 2006, with the financial assistance of the Soros Foundation – Moldova and registered as an associated law office by the Ministry of Justice on 14 March 2006, with the registration number 530. Currently the Public Defender Office has 11 staff members: 1 Director, 8 public defenders (2 are delegated to the National Institute of Human Rights), 1 legal consultant and 1 administrator.

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