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Mobile legends Bang bang game a must play one
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TOPIC: Mobile legends Bang bang game a must play one

Mobile legends Bang bang game a must play one 11 Sep 2017 19:38 #15179

The MOBA are rather rare on mobile, the fault may be to the support that would not lend itself necessarily to this type of game. But now that Moonton proposes us Mobile Legends: Bang Bang , a classic MOBA but who does the job.

Mobile Game Legends: Bang Bang

A classic Moba in the League of Legends
From the outset, the player is invited to perform two fights as a tutorial in order to unlock his first heroes. For those who have never touched a Moba of their life can get free diamonds using Mobile legends cheats , the explanations may seem a little confusing and incomplete. On the other hand, the players who dragged their leggings on League of legends will not be disoriented. Besides, with a title like this, we can guess that Moonton speaks clearly to the fans of LoL.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a classic MOBA to the possible. Two teams of 5 players will compete on a map cut in 3 lanes where are placed defensive turrets as well as the respective headquarters. The jungle, too, is equipped with mobs (and their champion who will come to help our team if beaten) and tall grass to set ambushes you can always use the mobile legends hack to get free diamonds as well. Other arenas will be unlocked over time. The goal of the game will obviously be to destroy the enemy HQ. At the end of the fight, medals will be recovered allowing the opening of treasure chests.

Turret and HQ in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Destroy the last turret, enemy HQ is not far away
Each team will have at its disposal henchmen who will automatically go to the enemy turrets and will regularly serve as human shields. Killing enemy henchmen, mobs or other players will bring back exp to increase the rank and skills of his character as well as gold coins that can be used during the game to buy stuff. Equipment that will grant welcome bonuses even if at first you end up buying anything and everything without really knowing what you are doing.

Same level gameplay. It will be necessary to direct its hero with the left side of the screen and to activate the attacks and special abilities with the right side. The maneuverability is not really at the rendezvous. Especially when one has to direct his shots. Auto targeting can also cause tangles to brush.

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